Landscape Architecture - Current Positions (6 ECTS) AR72050

Seminar in the master´s program

Instructors: Prof. Dr. Udo Weilacher, Dipl.-Ing. Nicole Meier

April 29, 2019; 10:00 s.t. at the LAI chair, Room E46

Participants: Masterstudents in Landscape Architecture, maximum number of students: 15 (individual coaching)

Registration: at the chair for Landscape Architecture and Industrial
Landscapes and in TUMonline

Content: This module consists of two parts:

1) Writing Laboratory Landscape Architecture (3 ECTS) AR72041
In this workshop students a write a short critical review or recension about a current textbook. Textsize: 3.000 characters including space characters. Language: German or English. The final text will be corrected several times and evaluated.

2) Profiles of International Landscape Architecture (3 ECTS) AR72040
In this seminar, students will discuss in writing new tendencies in international landscape architecture with regard to theory and design. Textsize: 10.000 characters including space characters.

Language: German or English.
In a final seminar, the content of the text will be presented an 10-minute-presentation and discussed in the seminar group. Learning Improvement of knowledge in current tendencies in international

targets: landscape architecture and scientific writing skills.