kamera futura // 2056

Ruhr District in Transformation

short exercise (1 ECTS) summer term 2016 
supervision:  Prof. Dr. sc. ETH Zürich Udo Weilacher
                      Dipl.-Ing. Diana Böhm
                      Dipl.-Ing. Till Kwiotek
participants: 23 students of TUM focus area Landscape Architecture (Bsc/MA)

This competition is based on a series of images that documented the transformation of landscape and city in the Ruhr district. Based on two photos, one taken several years ago and one taken recently, the future of 23 different places should be eyed. Which topics might become important in the future? What will be current issues in the urban and suburban realm in 40 years? Looking at the current, perspectives and image compositions should be developed that represent your vision and your wishes for the future.

Wednesday, 01.06.2016, 11.30–12.30 h, E42, definition of task
Wednesday, 08.06.2016, 14.00–17.00 h, E42, feedback
Friday, 10.06.2016, 10.00–13.00 h, E42, feedback
Tuesday, 14.06.2016, 14.00–18.00 h, Abgabe am Institut LA
Thursday, 16.06.2016, 17.00 Uh, presentation, award presentation

Prize money: overall € 1.000