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Presentations of the studio results - winter term 2019/2020

At the end of January, Beginning of February the results of the design studios from the winter semester 2019/2020 will be presented. The Chair of Landscape Architecture and Industrial Landscape invites all that are interested to participate in the events.

THURSDAY, 30.01.2020
Master Project Landscape Architecture
„Projecting Münichtal 2020+
Post industrial transformation of a former blast furnace site in Eisenerz, Austria“

11:00 am–06:00 pm, room E42, Emil-Ramann Str. 6, 85354 Freising
Guest: Prof. Teresa Galí-Izard, ETH Zürich, Harvard Graduate School, Cambridge, USA

FRIDAY, 31.01.2020
Bachelor Project 4th year Landscape Architecture
„Eisenerz lässt tief blicken
Entwicklungskonzepte am Rande des Tagesbaus in Eisenerz - AT“

09:00 am–04:00 pm, room E42, Emil-Ramann Str. 6, 85354 Freising
Guest: Prof. Teresa Galí-Izard, ETH Zürich, Harvard Graduate School, Cambridge, USA

FRIDAY, 07.02.2020
Bachelor Project 1st year Landscape Architecture
„Parkmeile Olympiapark - Angerlohe
Entwürfe für die Entwicklung eines Grünzugs im Nordwesten Münchens

in Cooperation with Prof. Stephan Pauleit, Lehrstuhl für Strategie und Management der Landschaftsentwicklung
9:30 am–04:45 pm, room U3, Emil-Ramann Str. 6, 85354 Freising
Guest: Robert Schätzle, Landeshauptstadt München, Referat für Stadtplanung und Bauordnung
HA II/54 Grünplanung für Bezirk West


Dissertation of Dr. Sonia Gantioler published

The Right to Ecological Space in the City
Operationalising Green Infrastructure as Strategic Urban Planning Concept for a Just Access With Lessons Learnt from Vienna and Munich

On december 16th the doctoral thesis of Dr. Sonia Gantioler was published by tum university press and is now available as print via Hugendubel or Lehmanns

Increasing socio-economic inequalities, biodiversity loss and urban transformations potentially aggravate spatial disparities within cities and favour unequal access to nature, with adverse effects on the quality of life of their inhabitants. The thesis develops a conceptual and action model for the strategic planning of 'Green Infrastructure' (GI), which aims at a just access to ecological space in the city. The model forms the basis of an analysis carried out in Vienna and Munich, and indicates potential interventions at two levels: First taking into due consideration GI integration before development takes place and a renewed discussion on basic needs and urban green area qualities with regard to GI?s physical shaping. Second the importance of developing adequate governance capabilities, particularly in relation to property entitlements and political, economic and articulation powers.


Christmas Lecture by Professor emeritus Peter Latz

Professor emeritus Peter Latz has decisively influenced the contemporary landscape architecture by the transformation and cultural valorisation of post-industrial landscapes. But he is firmly convinced that not everything has to be reinvented, but reinterpreted and the historical repertoire and knowledge of garden history are decisive for this, for otherwise "you only risk reinventing the wheel, and in the end you even believe you've created something new.”

Peter Latz sees many connections between modern times and the Renaissance: A time of social upheaval and technological progress, which also affects garden architecture. In his lecture on 20 December, Peter Latz will deal with these influences and connections.

20th December 2019, 15:00 am Room U3, Emil-Ramann Str. 6, 85354 Freising
Lecture is open to join!

Xiaozhen Li Master Thesis presentation: Breaking the Island

Application of Structuralism to the example of the former oil harbour in Karlskrona
The naval city of Karlskrona, located in Sweden’s southernmost archipelago, plays a vital role throughout Swedish history. Based on the Structuralism approach, Li Xiaozhen abstracted three significant layers: land morphology, the ocean, and the city center. The additional industrial layer breaks this original structural relationships and leading to its unintelligibility. The Master Thesis investigates with landscape architecture design, how the relationships could be reestablished  to regain the identity for both the site and the city.

16th December 2019 11:00 am Room E42, Emil-Ramann Str. 6, 85354 Freising
Presentation is open to join!

trAILs meeting in the Hautes-Alpes/F

On 21-22 November the trAILs team met in the Haute Durance valley, in the French Alps, to visit the two brownfield sites of L’Argentière-la-Bessée and La-Roche-de-Rame. On the first day, the morning was dedicated to the field exploration of the two disused sites, enriched by the knowledge and guidance of local representatives and experts. In the afternoon, an intensive roundtable discussion focused on the challenges connected to the sites revitalization took place in the Cultural Foyer of the Town Hall of L’Argentière, joined by the project team and local/regional representatives, among which the Mayors of L’Argentière and La-Roche and the President of the Community of municipalities Pays des Ecrins, as well as by the Region SUD (a project observer). The next meeting in the French pilot region will be the planning workshop with stakeholders and experts, taking place again in L’Argentière on 11-12-13 February 2020. Preparation has already started!

Happy Birthday Peter Latz

For the eightieth birthday of Peter Latz, Emeritus of Excellence TUM, the Chair of Landscape Architecture and Industrial Landscape of Prof. Dr. Udo Weilacher invited to a celebration in the glass house on 14th of November. Together with long-time friends, colleagues and students, Prof. em. Peter Latz was honored for his work at the Technical University of Munich. The celebration began with a glass house discussion entitled "Renaissance Reloaded", in which the Emeritus and the students discussed his nine central questions on the Renaissance, its influence on his work and its transferability to future challenges.

think open spaces properly - in the Munich Region

The LAI supported this year's 5th Regional Housing Conference of the Munich Region on Nov 12th. Jonas Bellingrodt was invited as an expert at the roundtable discussion “think open spaces properly" to give relevant impulses based on best practice examples. For the first time, the subject of open space development, in addition to the topics "Investing in Mobility" and " Commitment in housing construction" with all relevant institutions from politics, administration and economy, was explored and the importance underlined. The demand that open space and landscape development as an identity generator and as requirement for a high standard of living, especially in times of climate change, should go first for other planning options has been adressed.

Results of the student competition Bründl-Park Puchheim

1st Price: Lotte Lehner and Christine Wegscheider

Eight drafts for the Bründl-Park in Puchheim were submitted to the LAI in the summer term 2019. The background of the task was the legacy of the photographer Tamara Bründl, who died in 2012 and gave her real estate to a civic foundation with the aim of making it accessible to the citizens of Puchheim as a public garden. In a student competition, supervised by Prof. Dr. Udo Weilacher and Martin Augenstein, 13 students of landscape architecture at the Technical University of Munich developed their designs. On Thursday, 24 October, the results were shown to the public directly on site, and the prize winners were announced:

1st prize: "Puchheim öffne dich" by Lotte Lehner and Christine Wegscheider

2nd prize: "Exseed" by Christoph Friedrich and Vincent Wenk

3rd prize: "poc - puchheim outdoor culture" by Amelie Kessler

Recognition: "Die Markante" by Julia Treichel and Rafael Stutz


We thank all participants for their exciting contributions and congratulate the winners on their placements.

trAILs workshopin Borgo San Dalmazzo/I

On September 25-26-27, the trAILs project team met in Valdieri, at the headquarters of the Regional Park “Alpi Marittime”, for the second test-design workshop on the former Italcementi site of Borgo San Dalmazzo. The workshop aims to develop, together with local and regional stakeholders and observers, a strategic vision for the future of the site as well as for the surrounding region. The first day was dedicated to review the thematic assessments produced by the project scientific partners and to present the video-interviews done by University of Verona and the students projects from TUM and Politecnico di Milano. On the second day, 26 stakeholders and observers from the region joined the project team to share their insights on the future transformation of the site and thus to address relevant and concrete planning issues. The last day was dedicated to an internal methodological evaluation and to the identification of the main outputs to be then transferred to the stakeholders.

Key note at the Beijing Forestry University

Udo Weilacher will present a key lecture at the International Landscape Architects Symposium — Resilient landscapes,  sponsored by Beijing Forestry University (BFU), Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture (CHSLA), will be held in BFU from 12th to 13th October 2019. The symposium this year will focus on the frontier academic, with the theme of "resilient landscape", covering three main topics: “Human settlement environment system based on water conservancy system; structure, transition and restoration of coastal ecosystem; and transformation of coastal bay areas and delta areas”. Leading experts and scholars in the landscape architecture field worldwide. 

Chair celebrates 10th anniversary

10 years ago, Professor Dr. Udo Weilacher was appointed to the Technical University of Munich and with the support of his team established the Chair of Landscape Architecture and Industrial Landscape (LAI), based on the pioneering work of Professor Peter Latz. This anniversary and the publication of the new book "insites 2014-2019" was celebrated together with students and colleagues in the garden of the Institute of Landscape Architecture in Freising-Weihenstephan on July 24th 2019! For the excellent cooperation in recent years, the LAI team would like to thank all partners in research and teaching!

trAILs meeting in Borgo San Dalmazzo/I

On 27-28 June the trAILs team met in Borgo San Dalmazzo for the site visit on the Italian pilot. On the first day, the project team guided by Gianpaolo Beretta, the Mayor of Borgo San Dalmazzo, and Daniela Risso, a local expert and planner, explored by foot the Italcementi site surroundings and by bus the Gesso valley. After a refreshing lunch on the panoramic top of the Monserrato hill, overlooking the Italcementi site, the team moved to the city hall of Borgo San Dalmazzo for an intensive and fruitful roundtable session with key local stakeholders, such as the Mayor of Valdieri and the head of urban planning of Borgo San Dalmazzo, besides the two representatives already met in the morning tour. The roundtable helped the project partners to deepen their knowledge of the context and to get aware of the most important challenges related to the future of the cement plant site. The second and last day was dedicated to an internal project meeting, in which the next steps on the Italian pilot site foreseen within WP 2 and 3 have been planned and reviewed. The second meeting in Borgo San Dalmazzo will be the test-design workshop, taking place on 25-26-27 September 2019.

Xiang Lin presents: FROM BACKYARD TO FRONTYARD (Master's Thesis)

Reorganization of the post-industrial Grand Port in Bègles, Bordeaux Metropolis

13th of June 2019 11:00 am Room E42, Emil-Ramann Str. 6, 85354 Freising

“From Backyard to Frontyard” introducing the strategy of Urban Agriculture as the infrastructure to thecity transformation, with the concept of Agricultural Park for reorganization of post-industrial site inGrand Port, Begles. Project is dealing with the problem of urban flooding and storm, at the meanwhileconsidering the potential risk about food insecurity of the city in the future. Urban agriculture systempossess ecological function, social attraction and economic contribution, which could provide newlandscape and lifestyle in the city."

Presentation is open to join!

International Doctoral College - Flying Visit Strasbourg

The main focus "Crossing Borders" led the international doctoral college spatial research lab in the German French Eurodistrict Strasbourg-Ortenau. The research trip, which was organized by Markus Neppl KIT Karlsruhe, focused on the cross-border spatial and urban planning of this region. The college was a guest at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Strasbourg (ENSAS). They met representatives of the French urban development agency ADEUS, as well as of the city planning department of Strasbourg. The perspective was completed by the german architect Matthias Stippich, who as a long term engagement with the development of the region Ortenau. Under the title Fablabing the Cherrycake - he reported on the planing culture of the region in the digital age.

Guest lecture - Daniel Röhr - University of British Columbia - living roofs as storm water management

Guest lecture on Tuesday, 28th May 2019, 11:30 am, Lecture Hall 1080 (August Föppl Lecture Hall) in Munich

Daniel Roehr Daniel is Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia at Vancouver. He teaches at the School of Architecture & Landscape Architecture and specializes in integrating residential rooftops as part of a holistic rainwater management system with the Greenskins Lab research group at UBC. Daniel Roehr is co-author of the book "Living Roofs in Integrated Urban Water Systems" (Routledge 2015). In over 20 years he has practiced in Europe, North America and Asia. From 1995 to 2000 he was project architect of the award-winning green roof project of Daimler-Chrysler at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. Before moving to Vancouver, he ran his own company in Berlin from 1999 to 2007 and founded a company in Shanghai in 2004.


Excursion in L'Argentière-la-Bessée (French Alps)

[Translate to English:] On May 15-18, a team of Master students from the Chair of Landscape Architecture and Industrial Landscapes visited the town of L'Argentière-la-Bessée (Briançon, Hautes-Alpes), home of the former Pechiney aluminium works, the French pilot site of the EU project trAILs. An intensive on-site analysis allowed the students to draft some first transformation concepts for the area. These have been presented, shared and discussed with local project partners (Thomas Kleitz and Claire Baradez from CAUE 84) and regional stakeholders (CAUE 05, Communauté de communes Pays des Ecrins, municipalities of L'Argentière and La-Roche-de-Rame). The team also get the chance to visit another key brownfield site of the region, the disused MG Industries calcium factory in La-Roche-de-Rame. The final design projects for the Pechiney site will be integrated in the trAILs French test-design workshop, foreseen for February 2020 again in L’Argentière.

Test-design workshop in Eisenerz (trAILs)

On May 6-7-8, the trAILs project team met again in Eisenerz for the first test-design workshop. Being the key activity in the Work Package T3 (Test AILs), the workshop aimed to develop together with regional stakeholders a vision for the future of the former Münichtal blast furnace site.

On the first day, the project team head up to the site for a short visit to the former power station area and the slag heap, accompanied by personnel from Primaras company. Afterwards, back in the workshop room, the colleagues from partner universities presented their thematic assessments and results.

On the second day, 12 stakeholders from the municipality, the region and academia reached the workshop venue, being welcomed by the Lead Partner and introduced by the Regional Association Styrian Iron Route. The morning session proceeded with an intensive roundtable discussion and confrontation, organized in three interdisciplinary working groups. In the afternoon, the ideas emerged from the groups were presented and discussed in a plenary session, aiming to identify connections and a possible roadmap for the site.In the evening, the project team enjoyed a nice dinner on the shores of the beautiful Leopoldsteinersee.

The third and last day was dedicated to the evaluation of the workshop outcomes and to the preparation of the related outputs: the planning recommendations and the workshop report.


Work in Progress - Doctoral College in Dortmund

Dortmund, on the edge of the Ruhr metropolis with 5 million inhabitants, was the venue of the 5th Doctoral Week (25.-29.03.2019) of the Doktorandenkolleg Forschungslabor Raum. Host Prof. Dr Stefan Siedentop of the ILS Research Institute for Regional- and Urban Development presented current urban development projects in the Ruhr region. In addition to the intensive examination of the research work of the doctoral students, the renaturation of the Emscher, and the development of the Phoenix area were part of the program.

Presentations of the studio results - winter term 2018 / 2018

At the beginning of February, the results of the design studios from the winter semester 2018/19 will be presented. The Chair of Landscape Architecture and Industrial Landscape invites all that are interested to participate in the events.

Bachelor Project 7th Semester Landscape Architecture:
„italcementi - Borgo San Dalmazzo, Italien“

monday, 4th Febrauary 2019, 1.30 pm–6 pm, room E42
guest reviewer: Prof. Adriana Ghersi (Universität Genua) (angefragt),
Gastprof. Silvia Benedito von der Harvard University, Graduate School of DesignSWITZERLAND – winter term 2018/19

Master Project Landscape Architecture:
„agglomeraid + // design studio regio frauenfeld I ch“
In Cooperation with Mark Michaeli Chair for Sustainable Urbanism
tuesday,05th February 2019, 11 am – 6:00 pm, Vorhoelzer Forum , Arcisstr. 21, Munich
guest reviewer: Brigitte Fürer (Regio Frauenfeld), Dr. Andrea Näf-Clasen (Kantonsplanerin Thurgau),
Anders Stokholm (Stadtpräsident Frauenfeld), Matthias Müller (Gemeindepräsident Gachnang),
Stefan Angst (Werkverwalter Gachnang), Hanspeter Zehnder (Gemeindepräsident Hüttwilen),
Jacqueline Müller (Gemeindepräsidentin Pfyn)

Bachelor Project 2nd Semester Landscape Architecture „Parkmeile Grünes Band Ost
friday, 08th February 2019, 9:30 am – 3:30 pm, room U3
guest reviewer: Philipp Königer, Stadtplanungsamt München

trAILs meeting in Eisenerz/A

On January 24th-25th the whole trAILs team met in Leoben-Eisenerz for the first site visit to the Austrian pilot site.

On the first day, we reached Eisenerz and explored the former blast furnace site Münichtal with the support of local stakeholders (site owners and Mayor of Eisenerz). Many useful informations and insights about the site conditions and the development challenges in the region were gained. Some project partners already performed some on-site activities, such as UniVerona, whose team recorded and filmed interviews with local stakeholders and representatives of the community.

On the second day we had an indoor meeting at the Kunsthalle Leoben. In the first session, scientific partners presented their approaches and methods for the site assessment (WP T2), while in the second session we had a small workshop in which we explored together the connections between the proposed methods and assessed, with the help of regional partners, their relevance and feasibility. The first communication materials such as posters and flyers were also presented and distributed to everybody for own promotional activities.

International Doctoral College - Flying Visit Marokko

Casablanca a metropolitan area with 6 million inhabitants was the destination of the research trip of the Doktoral College Spatial research lab. Led by Undine Giseke TU Berlin, the doctoral students have maped the cycles of foodproduction and consumption in the urban rural nexus of the North African economic engine. Under the City without Slums program, informal settlements are being replaced by new housing developments. As a result, the city is rapidly spreads in into the highly productive agricultural belt of the surrounding area. How the integration of an urban agriculture can be successful was an integral topic of the trip.

LAI Master Thesis - winner of the 10th edition URBAN-PROMOGIOVANI

Landscape architect Jonathan Stimpfle was honored with the international jury award of the Urban Promogiovani X Competition 2018 for his master's thesis "ringlocpark", a design for the reuse of the Augsburg Railway depot, supervised at the Chair of Landscape Architecture and Industrial Landscape of the Technical University of Munich. Congratulations!

On the homepage of the Italian promoter urbanpromo, carried by the Istituto Nazionale di Urbanistica und Urbanistica Italiana, they announce:"X URBAN-PROMOGIOVANI AWARD is a cultural event aimed to nurture the  learning experience of talented students from any Higher Education Institution  worldwide -in the fields of Architecture, Engineering, Planning, Design, Realestate-, who are developing learning outcomes within the subject area of urban regeneration and urban transformation.“

Further information you finde here:

2018 International Conference on Designed Ecologies in China

Fuzhou University, Peking University and University of Copenhagen are organizing an international conference on the relationship between design and ecology in Fuzhou/ China 15th to 17th of November 2018. Invited by Professor Dr. Kongian Yu, Udo Weilacher will present a key lecture.

With increasing sustainable challenges worldwide, landscape practices need to pay more understanding of the functions and values of complex eco-system while further perfecting the relationships between design praxis and scientific research of ecology. The idea of “Design with Nature” proposed by McHarg is fundamentally important though it executed design as a process to follow nature passively. In fact, design practice can work as an active catalyst for solutions to environmental disruption and degradation. “Designed ecologies” refers to all active planning/design intentions to purposely prevent, mitigate and resolve ecological issues for sustainability. In this context, we make the announcement of “2018 International Conference on Designed Ecologies”.

Dissertation successfully completed I Sonia Gantioler

On the 03rd of July 2018 Sonia Gantioler will defend her dissertation to the topic "THE RIGHT TO ECOLOGICAL SPACE / IN THE CITY. Operationalising Green Infrastructure as strategic urban planning concept for a just access. With lessons learnt from Vienna and Munich."

Prof. Dr. Udo Weilacher, Technische Universität München
Prof. Dr. Andreas Voigt, Technische Universität Wien

Examination presidency:
Prof. Dr. Alain Thierstein

Congratulations, Sonia Gantioler!

DGGL-Förderpreis ULRICH WOLF 2018/19

Herzlichen Glückwunsch an unsere Master-Studentin Bernadette Brandl, die den DGGL-Förderpreis ULRICH WOLF 2018/19 mit ihrem Projekt "The pop-up boxes" gewinnen konnte.
Mehr Infos zum Wettbewerb gibt es hier.

Project trAILs officially started!

On the 24th-25th of May 2018 the kick-off meeting of the international EU-funded research project "trAILs - Alpine Industrial Landscapes Transformation" took place at the Chair of Landscape Architecture and Industrial Landscape (LAI). Many enthusiast colleagues from France, Italy, Slovenia, Austria and Germany attended the strategy meeting and, together with representatives of the Joint Secretariat of INTERREG Alpine Space, defined the the first steps for the 3-year project.

Excellent teaching honored at the Faculty of Architecture

Dipl.-Ing. Jonas Bellingrodt of the Chair of Landscape Architecture and Industrial Landscape (Prof. Dr. Udo Weilacher) was awarded the honorary certificate for excellence in teaching by the TUM Senate. This honors the above-average commitment to student education at the faculty. In particular, the excellent evaluation by the students and the commitment with which Mr. Bellingrodt contributes to the further development of study and teaching in the field of landscape architecture impressed the jury. The TUM awards this type of honour to promote an excellent teaching and learning culture in all faculties and to pay particular tribute to the special commitment of individual employees in teaching and in student education.

Landscape Architect Dipl.-Ing. Jonas Bellingrodt has been employed at the Technical University of Munich for 7 years and has significant responsibility for project studies at the TUM School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan (Bachelor's degree program) and at the Faculty of Architecture (Master) from the first semester to the supervision of final theses in the Master's program Landscape Architecture. Jonas Bellingrodt, who previously worked as a landscape architect in Cologne, has made a special contribution to basic education in the first few semesters. Through his dedicated teaching methods, he lays the groundwork for design experience, the range of contents ranges from the fundamental understanding of what landscape is and how to qualify it, to the very complex tasks of transforming industrialized urban areas.

Sculpture Today - International Conference at the Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko I Poland

Will sculpture parks such as the renowned "Yorkshire Sculpture Park" in Great Britain play a role in the valorization of rural areas in the future? Such and similar questions will be the focus of the international conference at the Center of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko (Poland) from 18 to 21 October 2018. For many years, the LAI faculty has maintained good contacts with the Sculpture Center and has already worked out restructuring plans in the master program landscape architecture for the sculpture park.

Udo Weilacher is invited as keynote speaker and will shed light on the development of the relationship between sculpture and park in his lecture.

Have a look in the program!

Glasshouse Chat With Marc Treib

Marc Treib is one of the internationally most renowned specialist authors on landscape architecture and modern architecture and has written numerous monographs, e.g. about Isamu Noguchi, Thomas D. Church, Garrett Eckbo, Dan Kiley, and other reknown Modern Architects. Marc Treib is Professor Emeritus of Architecture at the University of California, Berkeley / USA. He has received numerous awards for his work, including a Guggenheim Fellowship, an American Academy in Rome Fellowship, ASLA Honor Awards and the Best Exhibition Publication Award of the Society of Architectural Historians. He teaches in many design studios, lectures on Japanese architecture and garden art as well as "Landscape Architecture, Criticism, Art and Modern Scandinavian Architecture".

"The Limits of Modern Landscape Design in the Anthropocene"

Marc Treib visited our chair on November 8th and invited our students for a "glasshouse chat" with him!

Exhibition "Landscape - plans for the future"

"Landscape - Plans for the Future" presents plans of the best study projects since the beginning of the landscape architecture and -planing program, which was founded in 1956 at the Technical University of Munich as a study program "Gardening and Landscaping". The choice of plans since that time all have one common goal: to communicate and present a vision of a better world for the future. The opening of the exhibition was the 150th anniversary of the TU Munich on 13th of october 2018. The exhibition is open to all  until Tuesday, 20th of November 2018, in the foyer of the institute building of the Faculty of Landscape Architecture and Landscape Planing (4219), Emil-Ramann-Str.6, Freising.