Student Competition Bründl Park Puchheim

Tamara Bründl, a photographer which died in 2012, decreed in her testament, that her property in Puchheim, densely populated with towering trees, should become a park for the public.

For this purpose she gave her property to a non-profit Community Foundation, which cares about the realization of her desire. Students of Landscape Architecture at the Technical University of Munich are now in demand to develop an identity-forming green space. We are looking for a creative and attractive concept that serves humans and animals alike.


via TUMOnline starting 2nd May 2019

for Bachelor-Students: Kurzentwurf Bachelor LAI

for Master-Students: Kurzentwurf Master LAI


Handing-out of exercise definition: Thursday, 02.05.2019, 09.30 h, room E 42


Site-visit: Wednesday, 8.05.19, 9:30 h, Sandbergstraße 44, Puchheim

The garden is only on this date and time accessible. An access by your own on another date is not possible, as it is private property!


1st Consultation: Wednesday, 22.05.19, 9:00 - 11:30h, room E42


2nd Consultation: Wednesday, 05.06.19, 9:00 - 12:00h, room E42


Deadline Hand-In: Friday 28.06.2019, 12.00 h, LAI E41

Exposition and Vernissage: Calender Week 29