Ruhr regional tour - sommer 2017

You have to have seen the place and its ambiance: Landscape Park Duisburg Nord, Emscher Park, Zollverein Coal Mine, CentrO Oberhausen, collieries and steal works or Richard Serra. Between coal and classics, landmark and landscape architecture we are off to take in the atmosphere of the Ruhr region and to explore the transformation of its landscape. On our schedule is not only the exploration of exemplary transformation projects but also new landscape architecture and art projects in the 'Ruhr metropolis' – an area that represents one of Europe's most fascinating and lively metropolises and which has experienced a striking transformation in recent years.

guides: Prof. Dr. U. Weilacher/ Dipl. Ing. Diana Böhm

Cirali Turkey - summer 2013

The town and bay of Cirali, located about 40 km southwest of Antalya, was previously an insider tip in the slipstream of rapid tourism development. And that despite its high tourist qualities such as the ancient city of Olympos ruins, beautiful beaches, rock climbing, hiking Lykischem, "natural wonder" like the gas flares Chimera and environmental qualities such as the nesting sea turtle. The basis for the development of sustainable tourism concepts was an interdisciplinary workshop (10 days) on site together with master students of the Environmental Planning and Ecological Engineering TUM, and the partner University in Antalya.

guides: Prof. Dr. U. Weilacher/ Dipl.-Ing J. Bellingrodt

COOL COpenhagen - summer 2012

Copenhagen is one of the most fascinating and lively cities in northern Europe and constantly seems to re-invent itself, especially by transforming its former industrial and habour areas in very intelligent ways. Again and again architects and landscape architects from all over the world visit the city to get inspired by the scandinavian way of design.

From May 27 to June 2, 2012 we will not only visit the most interestingurban transformation areas in Copenhagen but we will also get inspired by current landscape architecture and historical gardens in Denmark and Sweden. Scandinavian landscape architecture seems to have a timeless quality - will we find out why?

guides: Prof. Dr. U. Weilacher/ Dipl.-Ing J. Bellingrodt

Volos - Thessaly Greek

The two weeks fieldtrip in summer term 2011 is directed to Master students of the project "Changing Landscapes - Mediterranenan sensitive area design" which is part of an international Erasmus Intensive Program.

guides: Prof. Dr. U. Weilacher/ Dipl.-Ing J. Bellingrodt


Excursion for Bachelor and Master students of landscape architecture in the summer semester 2010. The Department of Landscape Architecture and industrial landscape made an offer to both students of master and bachelor degree to make a trip to Switzerland.

guides: Prof. Dr. U. Weilacher/ Dipl.-Ing D. Dizici

Industrial culture Saarland

 On a 4-day-excursion to Saarland the intensive examination of the former coal minig area near Heiligenwald was in the center of attention. Master-students from China, Germany, Columbia and Slowakia collected importnat information and impressions for their project (studio) about the "landscape of industrial memory".

November 19 - 23 2009guides: Prof. Dr. U. Weilacher/ Dipl.-Ing. D. DiziciImpressions Saarland



Salzburg + Hellbrunn/ Austria, Regensburg/ Bavaria


(one day excursion)
Friday, May 22 2009
guide: Dr.-Ing. G. Bartholmai

(one day excursion)
Friday, June 12 2009
guide: Dr.-Ing. G. Bartholmai