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In 2019, the Chair of Landscape Architecture and Industrial Landscape (LAI) at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) celebrates its 10th anniversary. The book illustrates the achievements in the past five years of research and teaching in cooperation with the team of assistants, many students and numerous project partners in the local, national and international sphere around the Technical University of Munich.

Available at the chair for 12 Euro. ISBN 978-3-941370-98-2 

Crossing Borders. Activating Spaces

The challenges of spatial development in Europe can only be met through transdisciplinary cooperation. In a continent that is dynamically changing and undergoing complex processes of transformation, new and integrated methods for planning and design are needed to strengthen cohesion between Europe’s countries and regions.

This book focuses on current issues of landscape and residential development, mobility, demography, energy, and climate, as well as on material flows—and on the spatial manifestation of all these phenomena. The contributions deal with topics such as the labor and housing markets and their increased integration, or concepts of infrastructure and landscape planning in border regions. Under the guiding theme of Crossing Borders—Activating Spaces, the book explores possibilities of cross-border concepts and strategies, while also testing tools and procedures apt for this task.

ISBN: 978-3-86859-573-4

available via LAI secretary (Ms Hirscheider); 35,- Euro or in your bookstore

urban landscape transformation

Our living space is subject to permanent transformation: fundamental changes in the fields of mobility, environment, demography, energy and last but not least climate increasingly ask for new strategies and concepts in spatial planning with regard to the transformation of our urban landscapes.

This publication presents sustainable innovative and holistic approaches to problem-solving for the development of such transformatory landscapes. These approaches have been developed by six renowned universities on occasion of the international and interdisciplinary doctoral college "Research Laboratory Space". Apart from spatial planning, urban design, development of neighbourhoods as well as new usage and building typologies, the scope of topics dealt with also comprises the role of infrastructures in design processes. Research experiments demonstrate the effects of actions and decisions on urban landscapes of transformation.

ISBN: 978-3-86859-385-3

Available through our office (Frau Hirscheider); 35,- Euro or through the book trade

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