LOST & FOUND. International Online-Symposium trAILs

The online-symposium LOST & FOUND on March 1st and 2nd 2021 marks the end of a 3-year Interreg research project on the transformation of industrial brownfields in the Alps, led by the chair of Landscape Architecture and Industrial Landscapes (Interreg Homepage)

About the project

In the Alps, de-industrialization is leaving behind former productive landscapes of impressive size and complexity: Alpine Industrial Landscapes (AILs). Between 2018 and 2021, ten project partners generated significant knowledge about these brownfields, developing and testing sustainable transformation strategies. The multidisciplinary approach of trAILs combined expertise in spatial and landscape planning, socio-economic sciences and ecologic restoration while cooperating with local communities in Austria, Italy, France and Slovenia. trAILs wants to support local and regional stakeholders in the complex process of sustainable brownfield transformation.

LOST & FOUND exhibition – coming up this December!

We are already looking forward to the LOST & FOUND exhibition taking place from 29.11.-23.12.2021 in the Immatriculation Hall in Munich!

The program of the symposium

At the symposium, starting on Monday, March 1st at 1:30 pm (via ZOOM), the specific approach of the trAILs project was presented and discussed with experts and project partners from renowned European research and planning institutions. The aim was to share knowledge and experiences in order to deepen the understanding for the challenge of transforming industrial areas, embedded in the unique landscape of the Alps.

Monday, 1st of March 2021

01:30 pm  Prof. Dr. Udo Weilacher: Welcome to the symposium + Introduction „Assessment Session
02:00 pm  Marcello Modica: framework of trAILs
02:30 pm  Stefan Bindreiter: AILs – a mapping challenge
03:00 pm  Dr. Katharina Strobl: AILs - an ecological challenge
03:30 pm  Coffee Break ... online networking ...
04:00 pm  Prof. Dr. Lorenzo Migliorati: Industry in the Alps as Cultural Landscape
04:30 pm  Dr. Tomaz Pipan: AILs – an assessment challenge
05:00 pm  Discussion and conclusions of the afternoon session
Evening lecture (07:00 pm):
Prof. Dr. Ellen Braae (University of Copenhagen): Transforming large industrial landscapes

Tuesday, 2nd of March 2021

08:45 am  Marcello Modica: Introduction „Regions Session
09:00 am  The Slovenian pilot site, introduced by: Business support centre Kranj
09:25 am  The Austrian pilot site, introduced by: Reg. association Styrian Iron Route
09:50 am Coffee Break ... online networking ...
10:20 am The Italian pilot site, introduced by: LAMORO Development Agency
10:45 am  The French pilot site, introduced by: C.A.U.E. 84
11:15 am Discussion and conclusions of morning sessions

12:30 pm  Lunch Break

02:00 pm  Marcello Modica: Introduction „Planning Session“ Discussion and conclusions of the morning session
02:15 pm  Prof. Dr. Udo Weilacher: A landscape approach to industrial landscapes
02:45 pm  Prof. Piergiorgio Vitillo: AILs - a planning challenge
03:15 pm  Coffee Break ... online networking ...
03:45 pm  Marcello Modica: results of trAILs and future challenges
04:15 pm  Final discussion + conclusions
Evening lecture (07:00 pm):
Prof. em. Dr. Bernd Scholl (ETH Zurich): Test Planning. From Theory to Practice.

Program download

Download the detailed program here

trAILs videos of the pilot sites

Pilot 1 – Eisenerz, Steiermark, Austria

Pilot 2 – Borgo San Dalmazzo, Piemonte, Italy

Pilot 3 – L’Argentière-la-Bessée, Hautes Alpes, France

Pilot 4 – TRŽIČ , Gorenjska, Slovenija

Industry in the Alps as Cultural Landscape

Prof. Dr. Lorenzo Migliorati

Project studies on the trAILs pilot sites

Eisenerz, Steiermark, Austria – Winter semester 2019/20

Borgo San Dalmazzo, Piemonte, Italy – Winter semester 2018/19



L’Argentière-la-Bessée, Hautes Alpes, France – Summer semester 2019

TRŽIČ , Gorenjska, Slovenia – Winter semester 2017/18